Lonny’s passion is educating clients for positive change.

Helping clients for more than 37 years.

Lonny Balbi

Lonny Balbi, K.C.

Family lawyer, Mediator + Arbitrator


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Lonny Balbi’s passion is educating clients to help them positively move forward.

Lonny values open and honest communication. He believes in having the same goals in mind as his clients. He also strives to be easily accessible to clients and give them alternate solutions specific to their situation.

With over 37 years of experience, Lonny is an accredited mediator, arbitrator, and collaborative family lawyer. He has proven to be very effective in Court as well as out-of-Court and has represented clients at all levels of Courts in Alberta. Lonny always tries to think of creative ways to reach a resolution and understands the specific needs of his clients.

“I was a little starstruck as a result of your knowledge, confidence and your straight forward honest approach. This is a different experience than I have ever had with a legal representative.

Lonny has extensive experience in separation and divorce. His Bachelor of Commerce degree did not result in him being a corporate lawyer, but it did leave him with a passion for financial matters, including spousal support, child support, and property division.

Lonny is a member of the Federal Advisory Working Group and one of a group of experts who advised the Federal Department of Justice on the creation and implementation of the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines. He is not only a founding member of the Dispute Resolution Officer Pilot Project but he is also currently a Dispute Resolution Officer at the Court of King’s Bench in Calgary.

Lonny’s close-knit, extended family throughout Canada and in Italy give him special insight into family dynamics. This knowledge gives him the ability to understand different family situations and relate to his clients.

Lonny’s passion for people extends outside of the office. He taught law students at the University of Calgary in Advanced Family Law and is an advocate for health and wellness as he founded Bike to Work Day in 2008. He also spends time volunteering and serving food to the homeless at The Mustard Seed, teaching fitness classes and cycles year-round, even in the frigid Calgary winter.


  • Bachelor of Commerce (with Distinction), University of Calgary
  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Saskatchewan

Successful Cases

  • The woman had a lawyer and attended an arbitration to make a claim for spousal support. The arbitrator ruled that the woman was entitled to limited spousal support which she then appealed. She brought the matter to our firm and she had very limited resources. We brought forward the appeal, advising her that her chances for success were extremely limited due to the statutory requirements on an arbitrated appeal. In the end, we were successful on the appeal and the client was extremely happy.