Your client needs the right divorce lawyer.

You need someone you can trust to take care of them.

Like you, we want the best for our clients. We care about what’s going on in their lives, what they may need and how we can help. When they need assistance outside our area of practice, we want to give them a trusted referral.

In the event you need a trusted referral for your clients, we include below a summary of information about us and our services for you to assess whether we may be right for you and your clients.

If your client is considering a separation or going through a divorce, and they have not yet received quality legal advice, recommend that they do as soon as possible.

Upfront, fulsome legal advice will provide your client with increased clarity, certainty and calm. It will also help them avoid pitfalls and maximize the opportunity for a constructive, effective and efficient resolution.

Our Balbi Assessment is a one-time legal advice meeting with one of our lawyers to provide easy access to practical, real-time legal advice.

It’s confidential and comprehensive. We will identify your referral’s legal issues, explain their rights and responsibilities, review their options, and share strategies and tips. To avoid surprises and keep things simple, the assessment is also a flat fee.

We jam-packed our Resources page with information and links to support families going through a separation and divorce.

If your referral needs immediate access to particular information, have them visit our Resources page. The page includes information on:

  • The different areas of family law
  • Legal and community services
  • Court details and materials
  • Parenting after separation
  • Mental and family health resources
  • Statutes

Sometimes your client just needs to talk things through. They can call Christine, our Intake Coordinator, for more information about how we can help.

It is important to us that your client is taken care of when you refer them. We take your referrals seriously and welcome your call or questions about how we can best help your clients.