Support your loved one going through divorce

by being there and giving them good advice

It can be difficult to watch your child, cherished friend or family member struggle through their divorce. We are protective of our loved ones too.

There are things you can do to help. There are also things that you should not do.

Here are some ideas on how to support your loved one through a divorce (and what to avoid doing).

  • Encourage them to get legal advice.
  • Listen to them.
  • Remind them to take care of themselves.
  • Help with practical things.
  • Do not give them legal advice.
  • Do not talk badly about their spouse.
  • Do not judge or gossip.

Click here to download our full list of dos and don’ts to help your friend or family member going through a divorce.

Your loved one may need upfront quality legal advice to give them greater clarity and reduce their stress.

We believe in the importance of talking with a lawyer as soon as possible. We offer a one-time meeting with our lawyers for clients to receive the advice they need to make their next decisions moving forward. It’s called our Balbi Assessment.

It’s confidential and comprehensive. We will identify your loved one’s legal issues, explain their rights and responsibilities, review their options, and share strategies and tips. To avoid surprises and keep things simple, the Assessment is a flat fee.

[Balbi Assessment Video will go here]

Click here for more information on our Balbi Assessment.

We jam packed our Resources page with information and links to support families going through a separation.

If your loved one needs immediate access to particular information, have them visit our Resources page. The page includes information on:

  • The different areas of family law.
  • Legal and community services.
  • Court details and materials.
  • Parenting after separation.
  • Mental and family health resources.
  • Statutes.

Sometimes you just need to talk things through. Give Christine, our Intake Coordinator, a call for more information about how we can help your loved one.

Call us at (403) 269-7300, and ask for Christine.