Have your dispute decided out of Court

in a private, tailored, binding arbitration.

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We created a simple, complimentary Balbi Assessment workbook to help you prepare and get the most out of your Assessment.

The Balbi Assessment Workbook includes a list of the documents to bring with you if you have access to them. We’ve also included questions for you to consider ahead of time and a place to start writing down the important facts that we’ll ask you about.

It’s a good idea to bring your Workbook with you to the Assessment.

We encourage you to keep this Workbook confidential. Do not share it with your spouse.

We hope this will help you more easily prepare for your Assessment. It’s okay if you do not use the Workbook ahead of your Assessment or you can’t remember all the information. The lawyer you meet with will talk it through with you.

Choosing the right lawyer is about fit.

  1. You want a practical and zealous lawyer to help you reach your legal objectives.
  2. Our resolution philosophy aligns with yours.
  3. We strive for maximum value through proportionate processes and practical solutions.
  4. We will represent you in all available processes to get your divorce done.
  5. You benefit from our team of lawyers, who often like to consult and problem-solve with each other.
  6. We understand the unique needs of business owners and their spouses.
  7. We have a special interest and experience in spousal support.
  8. Our friendly team is committed to providing you with excellent service.
  9. We cater to high conflict and sensitive separations.
  10. We are a proud contributor to our legal and Calgary communities.

Our Intake Coordinator, Erin, is available to chat with you about our services and which lawyer may be best suited for your matter.