Our dedicated lawyers are passionate about family law. Benefit from our team’s collective experience, as our lawyers routinely consult with each other to develop creative solutions.

Our lawyers have varying areas of expertise, experience and working styles to provide you with options to best meet your needs.

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Lonny Balbi

Lonny L. Balbi, Q.C.
(403) 269-7300

Ronnie Foley, Paralegal
(403) 269-7300 ext.117

Ceri Balbi

Ceri Chwieros (“Fee – air – osh”)
(403) 269-7300

Yvonne Smith, Legal Assistant
(403) 269-7300 ext.106

Lily Balbi

Lily Rabinovitch
(403) 269-7300

Gabriel Miller, Legal Assistant
(403) 269-7300 ext.121

Our lawyers share a practice philosophy and passion for what they do. They are also all explorers. Here are a few fun facts about our lawyers:

  • If they had not become lawyers, they would have been a social worker, a park ranger, a director and an entrepreneur.
  • They are all explorers, who love being outside. They enjoy camping, hiking, cycling and travel.
  • These four goals are straight off their bucket lists: retrace the steps of the Beatles, write a book, go on a remote family backpacking trip, and volunteer with a rescue organization.
  • Lonny L. Balbi, Q.C. taught one of our lawyers in law school.
  • They are most proud of their families and their work.