In addition to representing our clients, we are mediators and arbitrators.

For many families, mediation is an effective way to reach agreement without going to court. The arbitration process also takes place out of court. Your arbitrator will act like a private judge and make the decisions to finalize your matter.

You can use these processes if you have a lawyer or you are representing yourself. Both processes are voluntary.

Mediation & Arbitration Explained

In mediation, the mediator helps you and the other party negotiate an agreement. You and the other party make the decisions and only settle when you both agree to the solution. The mediator facilitates the discussion, but does not make any decisions.

An arbitrator acts like a judge and will decide your case. You and the other person will present your evidence and argument. The arbitrator will then make a binding decision that you both have to follow. The logistics and details of an arbitration are based on the terms of an arbitration agreement. Also, arbitration is governed by the Arbitration Act of Alberta.

Mediation/arbitration is a third option that combines both processes. You start in mediation and then move to arbitration if you cannot reach agreement by yourselves. Talk to a lawyer about the possible benefits and risks of this option.


There are several common benefits to mediation and arbitration, compared to going to court:

  • Choose your mediator or arbitrator
  • Start your resolution process sooner
  • Increased schedule flexibility
  • Confidentiality
  • Less formal and less expensive

In addition, our services are designed to give you the full advantage of alternate dispute resolution:

  • Various styles and levels of experience
  • Interest-based negotiation
  • Affordable rates
  • Availability
  • Simple process
  • Flexible logistics, including Skype
  • Skilled, creative solutions
  • Draft agreement or award
  • Comfortable environment

Meet our Mediators and Arbitrators

It is important to choose a qualified mediator or arbitrator that is the right fit to help with your dispute. Lonny Balbi, Q.C. offers mediation and arbitration services. Ceri Chwieros and Tera Yates offer mediation services. Contact us for information about our availability and pricing.

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