“Where do I start?” is a common question when dealing with legal issues.

Our answer to this question is the matrimonial assessment.

Our matrimonial assessment is a one-time meeting designed to give you the best possible start on your path to resolution. You leave the meeting knowing your rights, responsibilities and resolution options.

The Process

Our goal is to give you clarity, understanding and confidence as you move your matter forward. These are the common steps in our assessment:

  1. Listen to your facts
  2. Identify your legal issues
  3. Review your legal rights and responsibilities
  4. Explain your settlement options
  5. Share strategies and tips
  6. Provide materials
  7. Answer your questions

Delivering Value

For your ease and convenience, your matrimonial assessment includes information handouts with more information on your specific issues, the Child Protector™ DVD on “Keeping your Children Out of the Middle of the Divorce”, a list of referrals to agencies that may assist you, and a recording of the advice you received.

For your peace of mind, our Matrimonial Assessment is a flat fee. Call us and speak with our Intake Coordinator for more information.