We have energetically applied our knowledge and talents on behalf of our clients for over 30 years. Based in Calgary, Alberta, we are devoted exclusively to family law and its unique challenges and opportunities.

Our lawyers have various areas of focus, experience and representation styles. Whether your matter is straightforward or complex, we can provide representation to meet your specific needs. This includes the unique priorities and concerns of business owners, executives, parties paying or receiving support, and stay-at-home spouses.

Our Values

  • Integrity We provide honest, knowledgeable and practical legal advice, even when the news is bad. We strive to build our relationships with you and our community based on professional excellence and respect.
  • Passionate Representation We are passionate about what we do. Whether in the boardroom or courtroom, we apply our expertise and advocacy skills energetically on your behalf.
  • Family Focused Like you, we believe your family is the priority. It is important to protect your children through the legal process and focus on building their future. As part of our commitment to family, each of our clients receive our exclusive material on how to keep children out of the middle of your divorce.
  • Value Value in family law is about resolving your matter while balancing your objectives, risk and cost. We do this by helping you choose a resolution process and developing creative strategies. Our lawyers also routinely consult with each other, giving you the added value of our collective expertise.
  • Beyond the Law We understand that you have to deal with other challenges and stress, while navigating your legal matter. We listen to you and help keep you on track. We also provide resources and information to help you get the support you need during this difficult time.
  • Personal Attention Your situation, goals and concerns are unique. The customized strategy we design for you will be responsive to your priorities and the unique opportunities and challenges in your matter. We will also do our best to provide our services in a way that meets your needs.

Our Dedicated Service

We value good service, as much as you do. We start by doing the basics well so there is less for you to worry about:

A timely response from our office when you contact us

Your questions answered in a way that is clear and easy to understand

Candid advice even when the news is bad

Prioritizing your file to keep you moving forward

Personal attention including a custom strategy and responsive service

Convenience and ease whenever possible

Our Process

Our process is simple. We listen to you. It is important to us to understand your unique circumstances, goals and concerns. We then explain your rights, responsibilities and options. Next, we work with you to develop a plan to resolve your dispute.

We represent you at each stage of the process, whether inside or outside the courtroom. Our priority is to help you make informed decisions and move forward confidently. We will answer your questions and refer you to other support and experts, if needed.